Conservatives concerned over Charlton Church Lane post office

Charlton Conservative James Garry attended the Woolwich & Thamesmead Planning & Environment Committee to monitor the Committee's decision on the development of Charlton Church Lane post office to accommodate flats above the Post Office.  The meeting took place on the 3rd of March 2010.

The development, which will consist of four two-bedroom flats and would cause the closure of the office for the duration of the work, was ratified by the Committee.     To James' dismay the Committee, which is formed chiefly of Labour councillors, did not undertake a thorough assessment of the proposals nor subject them to adequate critique.  James said: "It seemed as though the developments were a foregone conclusion.  Developments have an impact on residents, the environment and the character of an area for a long time to come.  We need our councillors to properly assess the necessity of developments, not to contribute the bare minimum at these meetings."   James reported from the meeting that the developers required only two weeks to complete building works.  However, a Labour councillor told the developers that they could take twenty days.  This was bizarre and unwarranted as the developers had not sought an extension to their originally suggested completion date.   James commented: "Customers of the post office originally had to face the prospect of two weeks interrupted service. Now, because of this great benevolence that the Greenwich & Woolwich Labour party has towards developers, Charlton's residents will have to wait even longer to use their local post office."    The Committee  failed to specify whether the twenty day deadline includes weekends or is limited to working days.  "If twenty days means twenty working days then Charlton's residents will be without their main post office for a whole month.  The completion time for the works requires disambiguating."     It is James' intention to clarify this ambiguity by questioning the council at the next meeting.   James, who is a council candidate for Charlton ward promised: "If I am elected to council, I will ensure that every development proposal which affects Charlton and its residents will be subjected to rigorous analysis and a thorough exploration of its consequences. I would oppose any development that was not in the interest of Charlton or its residents."   Please click here to view the Committee's decisions on the Charlton Church Lane post office.