Middle Park & Sutcliffe Conservatives oppose development on Huntsman's Field

With sufficient brown field sites in the borough, the Middle Park and Sutcliffe Conservatives will fight any development on Huntsman's field. Conservative Candidate Dr Arujuna Sivananthan wants to see the site returned to its original use as a playing field for community use.
He says "Labour run Greenwich Council has shown a callous disregard for the environment by building high rise, high density housing on green field sites when there are sufficient undeveloped brown field sites in the borough. As a result our landscape is pock-marked with ugly edifices to poor planning". It angers him that "the sense of tight knit community which existed on many estates has now vanished and in many instances we are left with longstanding local residents fearful to leave their own homes after dark". He does not want this mistake repeated once again with Huntsman's field.
If elected, Dr Sivananthan promises to fight for Huntsman's field to be preserved or converted to a cricket ground. Arujuna believes that "there is a woeful lack of cricket pitches in the borough and children are growing up without an opportunity to play one of our cherished national sports." He says "It teaches them many noble disciplines including team work and the ability to think ahead, all of which a necessary to tackle the modern world. Skills which today are unfortunately not taught in schools."
With a dramatic increase in housing density across the borough and a sharp drop in community spaces under Labour run Greenwich Council, he believes that families and children have had to suffer the consequences.