The council fails to keep Charlton's streets clean

Residents from all over Charlton have consistently raised concerns to their Charlton Conservative Team (Richard Shackleton, Louis McLean-Wait and James Garry) over the inability of the Labour council and their cleaning company, Cleansweep, to keep streets clean.

Charlton Conservatives and residents have worked together to lobby Cleansweep to give urgent attention to areas where litter has been allowed to accumulate.

On the 15th of February 2010, James requested Cleansweep clear litter from Lansdowne Lane and The Heights.  The community which includes these streets is especially prone to Cleansweep's reported inconsistent and haphazard approach to street cleaning.

James said "Residents of Charlton have a right to live in a pleasant and hygienic environment. However, the problem of street uncleanliness is diffuse across Greenwich. Our streets will never be clean all the time Labour are in charge of the council. It is time for a change of administration. Greenwich residents know that the Conservatives are listening to them and that Labour are completely uninterested".