Labour resort to scare tactics in West Greenwich

 Following on from another weekend of delivering to West Greenwich homes, it was apparent that the local Labour Council has resorted to scare tactics by intimidating Greenwich tenants.

Not only are they putting out a Housing News leaflet where they are alleging that the Conservatives will abolish Council tenants’ security of tenure, but also that we would raise Council tenants’ rents to market level. With regard to the rent increases, it is the Labour Council who have tried to impose huge rent increases on local residents. The current Labour Council’s policy is to raise rents to the same level as registered social landlords, as acknowledged in Greenwich Council’s report on the Housing Revenue Account (rent setting) last year.   West Greenwich activist Ryan Acty said: "This is a start to scaremongering within Greenwich by Labour Councillors who will do anything to cling on to their seats on the Council.  They will go to any lengths including scaring council tenants".File 460   Conservative opposition which helped reduce the rent rise in 2009, as in January, the Labour Council voted through a 5.84% increase in rent for all Council tenants which we opposed as inflation was only 0.9%.  The minutes of the January 2009 Council meeting state that the Conservative Group would be opposing the rent increase as it was “at a time when people were struggling to balance their household budget...”.    So, despite their claims, it is in fact Labour are openly committed to raising Council rents above the rate of inflation.    In March the Labour Party came back to Council with a reduced rent increase of 3.1%.  This was still well above the rate of inflation, but did reflect concerns over Conservatives pressure.  Unfortunately the chaos meant that the Council had to send out a new set of letters to all Council tenants informing them of the reduced rents – leading to an increased cost for Council Tax payers. You can confirm all this information by looking at the Council minutes for January and March last year, which can be found at    Spencer Drury parliamentary candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich said: "Local Labour politicians have sunk a new low of making misleading claims about Conservative policies. The letter that Labour sent out gave a lot of people sleepless nights and reflects their willingness to smear others rather than deal with the genuine issues which are worrying people in our community. "   Labour have failed to deal with the 75% rise in Council house waiting lists in Greenwich since 1997, the fact our schools still have the worst GCSE results in London.