As Olympics approach, Labour builds over court

Conservatives have condemned a decision by Labour to build 6 houses over a basketball court on Woodlands Park Road in Greenwich. The Council’s claims that the facility was not used were undermined by the fact they had padlocked it shut!

Peninsula Conservatives, led by Malcolm Reid, surveyed residents on this issue and found more than 90% opposed the plans. The survey suggested that the Council had not maintained and managed the court properly which had led to anti-social behaviour. Malcolm, who lives near the court, said: “It is only two years since Greenwich Admirals Basketball Club held their 25th anniversary party here. They do not want the court removed. To claim it is derelict is ridiculous. This is a key facility for local kids, it just needs to be better managed.”


Photograph: Peninsula Team Members Toks and Malcolm by the Basketball Courts in Woodlands Park Road