Saving Severndroog Castle

File 453Your local Conservative Team have each shown their support for Severndroog Castle by sponsoring a brick. The Severndroog Castle Building Preservative Trust has put out a request for donations, in an effort to help it raise £50,000 toward the restoration of the historic building.

Severndroog Castle has been closed to the public since the 1980’s, and has been allowed to fall into disrepair by the council. Local Conservatives have been fighting for its restoration for years. Council candidate Richard Chandler said “Greenwich is a borough with a rich and diverse history. Severndroog Castle is an important part of that. I know Conservative Councillors from neighbouring wards have fought to prevent the castle being turned into offices and help get it restored. Currently progress is painfully slow and I want the Council to be more active in helping to restore the Castle and its surroundings.”

 Photograph: Shooter's Hill Team Members Maureen and Simon visit Severndroog Castle