Fighting for our civil liberties

Between 1997 and 2006 this Labour government introduced 3023 new offences many of which are repressive and restrict free speech and the right to protest. Many were introduced in the name of fighting terrorism. In 2005 Maya Evans was arrested at the Cenotaph for reading out the names of the British soldiers killed in Iraq, because she did not have permission to be there.

Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich, Cllr Spencer Drury said: “I experienced the way this works first hand when stopped by police for taking a picture of Plumstead Police Station for a leaflet. The officer demanded identification under the terrorism legislation.”

“When Blair said the ‘rules of the game are changing’ I hope he did not mean the undermining of basic freedoms. If I am elected to Parliament I will fight to repeal these laws which are changing our way of life.”

 Photo: This is the photo which police
stopped Spencer for taking