Conservatives want equal opportunities for all

Greenwich Conservatives believe that giving everyone the opportunity to succeed is absolutely essential, regardless of their parents’ income. Under Labour however, social mobility has declined, as a Labour minister said “Social mobility has slowed down in our country. Birth, not worth, has become more and more a determinant of people's life chances.”

For Conservatives good schools are the key in giving everyone the chance to succeed, but in Greenwich, the Labour Council has damaged our schools through its poor management. Greenwich was the last ‘Pathfinder’ Council to start building new schools (with none yet completed) and before Christmas, John Roan School decided to reject Labour’s plans to expand it and move it to a smaller site on the Greenwich Peninsula.

Cllr Alex Wilson said “The John Roan plan was never sensible and we had opposed it. The Council now has to move quickly to help John Roan sort out the overcrowding Labour imposed on the Blackheath sites. Good schools are essential if we are going to allow everyone to have an equal opportunity of success and Labour are not providing them.”