News from around Eltham North

Cllr Dermot Poston attended the Annual General Meetings of the Friends of Eltham Park and the Eltham Park Residents’ Association. One of the topics raised there was the replacement of the mini-roundabout outside
the Conservative Office on Westmount Road with another speed table. Your Councillors have been working to ensure that the consultation is properly conducted after some confusion about the dates of the meetings.
Cllr Spencer Drury was pleased to be invited to a committee meeting of the Progress Residents’ Association where the perennial issues of dog’s mess, speeding traffic and street lighting were raised.
Spencer has also been dealing with the Council’s botched consultation over the Controlled Parking Zone around the Eltham Centre.

Cllr Nigel Fletcher has been encouraging the reopening of the Tudor Barn since it was closed at