Hervey Road Sports Field Update

Kidbrooke Councillors Andy Jennings and Graeme Coombes have met with local groups interested in using the ground. And recently Andy has obtained documents relating to the Council’s tentative proposals to develop the land. This follows a motion put forward by Andy and Graeme to a packed Council meeting which called on the Council to secure the field for sporting use. Local supporters of the campaign spoke out at the meeting and made clear how strongly they and local residents felt about the issue. Andy asked all Councillors to recognise the strength of local feeling and pointed out the increasing demand for sports pitches from local clubs. Sadly, Labour Councillors, including the sole Labour Councillor for our ward, failed to support the proposal.

Andy said: “Labour Councillors, some of whom even argued with local residents in the public gallery, have shown their true colours. However, we are not going to give up the fight and the campaign to save Hervey Road continues”.