Conservative pressure pays off for Eltham High Street

Eltham Conservatives were celebrating the 2009 budget after the Labour Council admitted that our town centre had been neglected for too long and allocated £250,000 to setting up a regeneration team for the next four years. The Labour Council finally admitted that Eltham did not have the resources allocated to it that Greenwich or Woolwich received – a point made by Eltham’s Conservative Councillors again and again over many years. Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury said “I am really pleased that Eltham will finally get this money but I want to make sure it is spent in a sensible and productive way. For example, I think it is daft that the regeneration team excludes the Town Centre manager. We all know how run-down and neglected our High Street has become. I will keep the pressure on to make sure this money starts re-building a High Street to be proud of”