Conservatives back ‘Save the Pub’ Campaign

Greenwich & Woolwich's Parliamentary Spokesman Spencer Drury has backed the campaigns to “Save the Great British Pub” With nearly 6 pubs closing every day of the week and 2,000 shutting nationally in the last year, the ’Axe the Tax’ campaign is campaigning to stop Chancellor putting even more tax on beer.  Tax already accounts for 33% of the price of a pint and but Labour want to increase this by 2% more than the rate of inflation – last year alone beer taxes went up by 9%.

Spencer said “We have all seen pubs close across the borough, including my local, ‘The Welcome Inn’ which is now yet more flats. Pubs are the focal point of our communities and the Labour  Government has to change its policies to help prevent yet more closing.” “I would urge residents to sign the petition to Save the Great British pub on the Conservative website – unless Labour changes its tax policies more pubs will close.”