Labour’s answer to dirty streets - £2m on managers

At the end of 2008 Labour decided to spend another £2m on propping up the ailing street sweeping system. The Labour Cabinet heard boasts about vast improvements in the service from over a third of  roads below acceptable standards for litter and detritus in 2006/07 to one fifth of all roads in 2007/08. The report requesting an extra £2m be allocated contained an admission that ‘Cleansweep’ is not doing the job and poor supervision is part of the problem – stating that the low level of current supervision means “there’s a potential for schedules to be missed and for quality of work to decline.” Conservative Cllr Spencer Drury said “Personally I think employing more street sweepers is more likely to produce cleaner streets rather than yet more managers. Labour’s system needs a complete overhaul – one-fifth of our streets are a mess and Labour boast of this as an achievement.”