Safer Neighbourhood Team moves to Coldharbour

After a long wait and search the Coldharbour and New Eltham Safer Neighbourhood Team have moved into their new facilities on Coldharbour estate adjacent to the Library. Cllr John Hills stated: “I first put forward the old rent office site as a possibility some time ago, but initially it was rejected, so we are overjoyed that finally the SNT is sited within the ward.” Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst said: “Now that we have all had the opportunity to visit the premises we can see they are definitely fit for purpose, it will enable the SNT to vary their working hours and for the community to get to know them and bring an increased feeling of safety and security to the area.” David Gold, Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, stated: “I welcome the new facilities to Coldharbour especially as one of my priorities for Eltham is more police on our streets. The new facilities will provide an appropriate central point for the team to deploy their time more effectively within the community.” Neil Dickinson, Conservative Community Activist, added: “The facilities are just what were needed to ensure the SNT can engage with and get to know the local community.”