Conservatives support Old Dover Road shops

Local Conservatives have been supporting traders in the Old Dover Road Shopping Parade.  Last time, Greenwich Council raised the rent by an unacceptable 40%. Conservatives are calling for a rent freeze this year, to help Blackheath small businesses. Blackheath Westcombe’s Conservative Councillors also want the council to conduct a review of the car parking arrangements along the Old Dover Road Shopping Parade.

Cllr Alex Wilson said: "This year we are writing to the council, urging them to freeze shop rents in the review expected in the Autumn. Particularly in this economic uncertainty Greenwich council should be supporting our local small businesses not making it difficult which large rent rises. But on top of this, for our local shops to survive the Council needs to help the shopkeepers pick up passing trade and promote the shopping area. We need shoppers to be able to park easily close by. Parking at the Old Dover Road  parade is increasingly difficult for passing shoppers but also for the shops staff. This is why we want the council to start a consultation and review the parking situation.“ Our campaign to improve The Standard area has been partially successful with a commitment to improve Blackheath library.