Greenwich Market Saved

In August, the Council’s Planning Board unanimously rejected plans to redevelop Greenwich Market by ripping up the cobbles, replacing a range of historic buildings with a modern bog-standard 5-storey hotel - completely out of character with the rest of historic Greenwich. The plan was supported by the local Labour MP, Nick Raynsford however, a range of people including market traders, journalist Andrew Gilligan, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Spencer Drury and Labour Councillors spoke against the plans. Mr Raynsford stated that the plan was “a very welcome proposal” which would help to enhance the ‘character’ of the town centre. One Labour Councillor spoke against the application despite being part of the group which had developed the plans. Spencer said: “Greenwich is a unique area and to try to improve it by creating a modern shopping centre is nonsensical. Labour must be held responsible for the fact that the plans got this far. They were consulted on behalf of residents, but failed to intervene to make clear what Greenwich people wanted.”