Conservatives lead protest over Lido summer closure

Greenwich Conservatives have expressed anger at the Labour Council’s decision to close  Hornfair Lido for the school summer holidays. In July, local Conservatives, led by Parliamentary Candidate Spencer Drury presented a petition to Council and called for the reopening of the Lido for August – a call rejected by Charlton’s Labour Councillors. The reason Labour gave for the closure was that the private company due to sign a lease on the Lido, to enable its world-class scuba diving centre, should need to close the pool as soon as possible to start building work. However, no agreement was reached until mid-August and Conservatives would have asked Open Waters to delay work until the beginning of September. Spencer said: “No one knew about the initial closure,  leaving residents surprised and disappointed. In August, Labour employed security guards to stop children entering the site. This has been a badly handled mess.”