Proposed Olympic Lanes in the Blackwall Tunnel

File 445The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is considering putting Olympic lanes into the Blackwall Tunnel, east London, which links the 2012 site to Greenwich.

A condition of hosting the Games is that the host city must designate a network of roads linking the venues, known as an Olympic Route Network.   The busiest sections of London's network are likely to contain dedicated "Olympic Lanes" reserved for accredited Games vehicles only, to ensure athletes and VIPs arrive at events on time.   Unauthorised drivers could be fined up to £5,000 for using the lanes.   The ODA is considering putting Olympic Lanes in Blackwall Tunnel, which goes under the Thames and links the Olympic Village in Stratford to Greenwich Park and the O2 Arena.   Planning documents seen by BBC London estimate that closing one tunnel lane each way to normal traffic would prevent 1,700 eastbound vehicles and 650 westbound vehicles per hour from using it.   Ryan Acty of Greenwich West Conservatives wants the ODA to abandon the plan. He said that there is already enough problems caused by congestion with the Blackwall Tunnel and this will only exacerbate it.   "The traffic overflow would be just appalling - the whole of the A2 would be jammed up and all the roads that support it and bring the whole place to a standstill."