Conservatives want more police – Labour want to mislead the public

This year Greenwich Conservatives proposed to increase the number of police on our streets. We proposed an alternative budget to create one extra police team immediately and one later in the year. Labour put party politics first and voted against the plan.   Labour then started lying in an attempt to scare the public about what a Conservative Council would do if in power. On their website, the local Labour Party state that ‘local Conservatives have failed to support funding for a violent and organised crime unit on three separate occasions.” Labour has made similar charges in letters to residents. The charges are untrue—as Council Officers have confirmed.   The facts are that Conservatives once voted against a budget because it included rises in charges to older residents, more waste, and Greenwich Time. It included the crime unit, but Conservatives noted their support for this. Cllr Drury said “Labour are losing the arguments and are now trying to lie and spin their way out of trouble. I urge residents to ask Conservatives about our plans and voting record, rather than trust this tired and deceitful Labour Council.”