Labour’s new schools fiasco

Greenwich Conservatives have been pressuring Labour about their failure to keep their  promise to build new secondary schools for our children. Labour had said all the schools would be open in September 2009, but not a single one has been built.   The Labour Council only started work on Thomas Tallis and Crown Woods Schools this summer after Conservatives asked questions about what was happening. Every other area around the country in Phase One of the new schools programme, had built at least one school and some have finished all of their schools. Plans had still not been finalised for Plumstead Manor, Eltham Hill or John Roan as term started.   Labour’s inability to organise the building programme was made clear when in a report to their Cabinet (labelled urgent) in April 2009, stated “Commencement of construction prior to the end of April is essential to the completion of these schools during 2010/2011”, but by the end of June no work was apparent at either Crown Woods or Thomas Tallis.   Labour’s disorganisation has also meant substantial rises in cost, with more than £27m extra being required due to the delays; of this £6m is the result of deals signed by the Council  which guarantee private contractors profits, even when they are no longer going to build the schools. Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Cllr Spencer Drury said: “The renewal of our schools is in danger and children’s education is at risk because of Labour incompetence. Labour has also wasted millions of tax-payers money achieving little. Labour can’t be trusted with our children’s education. We need to get rid of them at every level of government.”