Children forced to go to Greenwich Schools?

Legislation introduced by the Labour government could be used to stop children living in Greenwich attending good schools in other boroughs. In January Labour’s schools adjudicator decided to stop around 70 students in Rugby crossing the boundary from Northamptonshire to Warwickshire because it undermined comprehensives in the former county. This ruling could be applied to Greenwich, where in 2008 nearly 800 students fled the borough secondary schools at age 11, with 590 going to Bexley alone (Welling School took 106, Bexley Grammar 52 and Beaverwood 38).

In response to questions from Greenwich Conservatives Leader Cllr Spencer Drury, the Labour Cabinet Member could not rule out preventing students travelling to Bexley as a result of the Labour government’s admissions code. Cllr Spencer Drury, who is a teacher locally, said “There is a real danger here that Labour will stop parents being able to choose the school they want. Despite some recent improvements, Greenwich schools are not providing the quality of education available in Bexley, Bromley or Lewisham, so stopping movements to better schools would be a criminal act of vandalism against our children’s future.”