More Police, Lower Council Tax

Greenwich Conservatives’ proposals to introduce more police and reduce Council Tax were rejected by Labour as part of the annual budget debate in the spring.   Conservatives outlined plans to introduce Town Centre Police Teams in Eltham, Greenwich and Woolwich over the next three years and would have funded one to start in April this year. Each team would consist of one Sergeant, two PCs and three PCSOs and would focus specifically on the challenges in their particular town centre. The proposals included over-time payments to allow officers to work nights. During the debate, Labour Councillors admitted the need for more police but suggested that this was not the time. The Labour Mayor then refused to allow any debate on Labour’s own proposals – including more than a million pounds to deal with the mess Gordon Brown has made of the Greenwich economy. Greenwich Conservatives also proposed a small reduction in Council Tax. In his first budget, Boris chose to freeze the GLA precept for the first time in 8 years, which followed a 152% rise during Ken’s two terms in office. Boris also introduced 500 extra uniformed officers on buses and at stations and a 24 hour Freedom Pass .   Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Cllr Spencer Drury said “It was possible to reduce Council Tax and increase the number of police in the borough without reducing frontline services and we think that would have been better than Labour‘s proposals. “It would only have been a start, but we believe that this Council could be much more efficient and there is no doubt in my mind that holding special events for Ken Livingstone to attend or flying teams of people to Beijing costing around £50,000 in total is a waste. Conservatives would avoid this sort of extravagance.”