How long does it take to move a shopping trolley?

Conservative Peninsula Action Team member Charlie Easton has spent three months trying to get the Council’s street cleaning team (‘Cleansweep’) to remove some rubbish from the shrubbery of the Park Row car park. A summary of his experience is 4 phone calls, 3 call centre operatives, 2 polite "asks" on the street, 1 manager, 1 meeting and 10 weeks later: Cleansweep Remove a Shopping Trolley! Following his partial success, Charlie said “The beer cans and deadwood's still there, but if it takes the best part of the summer to move a shopping trolley, I think I'll put my faith in the forces of nature to rust them away before Cleansweep do anything with them. I fear this sort of thing is a regular experience for residents of the Borough: you need to be a real pain in the backside to get anything done. It's absurd.”