Greenwich’s Labour Council refuses to attend police meetings

Questions from Parliamentary Spokesman Cllr Spencer Drury, have revealed that Greenwich is the only major borough to refuse to attend London police meetings intended to reduce the level of youth violence, anti-social behaviour and disorder. Of the 31 major London boroughs, Greenwich’s Labour leadership is, to date, the only one that has refused to take part despite reassurances from the Mayor of London’s office. The Joint Engagement Meetings (JEMS) are to help fulfil Boris Johnson’s pledge to reduce youth crime and allow borough’s to learn from each other. Also in October, it was revealed that police officers were classifying some incidents of violent crime as ‘no crime’ in order to reach government targets. This meant that some incidents were not being properly investigated and crime figures were lower than they should be. Spencer said “I am disgusted that the Labour Council in Greenwich is simply refusing to take part in meetings designed to reduce crime in our borough. It is entirely the Labour Council’s choice and reflects the fact they are prepared to let Greenwich residents suffer rather than work with Boris.”