Housing Waiting List rises by 75% under Labour

Conservatives have established that the waiting list for Council housing in Greenwich has increased by 75% since Labour took power nationally. Since 1997, the number of people on the waiting list has risen from 7,693 to 13,486. This has a particularly bad effect on households in Greenwich where the waiting list is the equivalent of 13.8% of the total number of households.   To make matters worse, rather than address this serious problem, the Labour Council have once again resorted to spin, attempting to scare residents through the distribution of a letter telling outright lies about Conservative policy on housing. In particular, Labour’s suggestions that Conservative Policy in Greenwich or nationally is to end secure tenancies is utterly without foundation. The facts are that Labour has failed to build enough Council or social housing. Up to 2007, in every year of this Labour government, less social rented housing was built than in any year under the last Conservative government (1979-1996). Greenwich has also been criticised for the slow pace of development on the Ferrier Estate and on the Peninsula. Parliamentary Spokesman for Eltham David Gold commented “Labour’s attempt to bully people out of their homes on the Ferrier has been a disgrace and in my opinion, their appalling behaviour has been one of the key factors which has held this development up.” Further concerns exist over Gordon Brown’s demand that Council’s sell off £13bn of assets (including housing) over the next two years because his government has created so much debt.