Half-Marathon problems for local residents

On Sunday 5th October, half-marathon day, Stratheden Road, Vanbrugh Park, Westcombe Hill, and Mycenae Road were among the roads to be barricaded and closed off to traffic. With the closures in Woolwich and Trafalgar Roads vehicle access to or from the Westcombe area was, at times, more or less impossible.

Had local residents been relying for information on Greenwich Time, now after all issued weekly at some cost to them, they would have been sorely disappointed as only the road closures down in Greenwich were mentioned Blackheath Westcombe residents would be justified if they felt let down by both Greenwich Council and the organisers on this occasion. Given the potential disruption from this type of event, however worthy, local residents need early, accurate and full information to be made available. This, and the lack of consultation about the event, are issues being taken up by your Conservative Councillors.