TfL help to increase train fares

Passengers from Maze Hill to London have seen the cost of their season tickets rise by 25%. Maze Hill is perhaps one of the highest local increases but it is by no means alone with fares at Westcombe Park and Blackheath also going up.

These increases are due to the introduction of zonal pricing for the South Eastern railway network in preparation for Oyster payas-you-go.

Cllr Andy Jennings said, “I am outraged that some passengers have seen an increase of nearly a quarter purely on the basis of some arbitrary zone drawn up by Transport for London. It is no comfort to residents of Maze Hill to hear that fares have fallen from other stations.”

“Commuters are right to question why they have to pay through the nose when they can’t even get a seat.”

- Cllr Andy Jennings is standing for election as the Conservative GLA Candidate for the Greenwich and Lewisham Seat on 1st May 2008.