Future still uncertain for Mycenae House Gardens

At the General Purposes Committee on the morning of Monday 12th November 2007 the Labour administration ignored the views of the many local residents who had turned up to express their concern over the plans for Mycenae House. Over 150 people had written into the council to express their concern and over 30 people turned up at the meeting on a Monday morning to find out if the Mycenae House grounds could be turned into a "Town or Village Green". This would have secured public access and allow future generations the enjoyment of the grounds.
Cllr Alex Wilson who used the gardens as a child said; "The grounds of Mycenae House have been used as a neighbourhood oasis since the late 1960's, its about time that they were given the name that they deserve, "Mycenae House Town Green.""
The adjacent Woodlands House is due to be taken over by the Steiner School who will use the building as a music school with the building of a 3-storey block of flats on the site next to Mycenae House financing the move and refurbishment. With this application to register the grounds as a Town or Village Green turned down the future is now uncertain and local residents fear the loss of what they describe as a " haven of tranquillity".

Councillor Geoff Brighty, who voted against the application to build the flats when the planning application was considered in April, because it would mean a loss of open space and a loss of amenity to local residents, said the decision was disappointing.  "However it is not surprising as it would have driven a coach and horses through the Council's intention to off-load its responsibility to maintain the listed Woodlands House onto the Steiner School.  Many local residents feel that is what has determined the Council's approach all along." 

As far back as September 2006 the local Labour Party in its propaganda sheet " The Rose" quoted a local Labour Councillor, who also happens to be the Greenwich Council Planning Chair, as saying he hoped the Steiner School would move in as soon as possible.  He duly attended the General Purposes Committee to pour cold water on local residents efforts to protect the gardens.