Labour up to its usual tricks

Once again Labour have used their majority on Greenwich Council to deny local Conservatives a seat on the Blackheath Joint Working Party. Labour continue to take all three of the Greenwich Council nominations despite the increase in Conservative representation following the 2006 elections.  The item was requisitioned by the Conservative Group for discussion at a recent full Greenwich Council meeting following the resignation of a local Labour member only appointed a few months ago.   The newly nominated Labour Councillor already sits as a Council representative on a dozen outside bodies and taken together all three Labour Councillors have collected well over 30 similar posts.   Between them, two are Greenwich Cabinet Members and one is the Planning Chair, they earn in the region of £100,000 a year in Council allowances.  So - if they have time to attend meetings of BJWP at all - at least Blackheath might get something back for the money Council Tax payers have to fork out for their services   The Blackheath Joint Working Party is an important element in the care of the Heath.  It was set up to oversee the use and maintenance of the Heath which lies across the borders of Greenwich and Lewisham Boroughs and is supposed to act in a non-partisan way in the interests of the Heath.