All the fun of the fair?

Following complaints by local residents about Blackheath's Bank Holiday funfairs Blackheath Westcombe Ward's Conservative Councillors took action.  As a result Greenwich Council undertook a survey of local residents most likely to be affected.   While there was a clear feeling that the traditional funfairs should continue there were concerns about noise, litter and increased traffic.

To combat these complaints the Council, in consultation with the Showmans Guild, came up with the following solutions:

  • A new sound limit of 60db at source (perimeter around ride) has been implemented for all rides at Blackheath. This is 20db less than their standard levels for other funfairs in London.

  • The fine for breach of conditions has been raised from £100 to £500 . If a blatant or persistence breach occurs Greenwich Council will revoke the individual rides operating licence to trade at Blackheath with the Guild's full support.

  • All speakers must face away from the residential housing facing down the heath and any permanent fixed speakers must be disconnected. 

  • No "barking" or unnecessary microphone announcements will be permitted on the rides except for the purpose of emergency safety announcements. 

  • A picket type fence system will be installed across the bottom edge/ridge of the heath  to stop excess funfair litter blowing into the surrounding areas.

Councillor Geoff Brighty said  "These tightened up regulations were in place for the Easter weekend and seemed to help enormously in keeping noise levels down.  With the Spring Bank Holiday coming up I hope the improvement will continue so that those wanting to enjoy the fun of the fair can do so and those wanting a more peaceful time can enjoy that too."

If there are any problems with noise, or other issues,  next time the fair is in town let us know so that we can take up those concerns in time for the next bank holiday.  If its an immediate, on the spot, response you need then you might want to use these - 

Useful Contact numbers

Greenwich Council Noise Hotline                020 8921 8921

Chief Showman's Guild Duty Steward         07802 827801