Blackheath Westcombe: Planning Up-date

90 Mycenae Road

Despite strong local community opposition only two Members of the Greenwich Area Planning Committee voted against the application to build a block of 12 flats right next to Mycenae House.  Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Councillor, Geoff Brighty, was one of those against giving permission.  At the meeting he spoke of his opposition to the loss of open space and the loss of amenity to nearby residents in Beaconsfield Road.  He expressed serious concern that the building was sited too close to the existing Mycenae House and that the development would be detrimental to the conservation area.

The Steiner school is due to restore and move into neighbouring Woodlands House and restoration would be welcome and is overdue.  However, the new build has been seen by some as a trade-off to allow that to happen and for Greenwich Council to avoid its maintenance responsibilities leaving some local residents wondering how impartial the process actually was. 

Coach Parking at Blackheath Gate

Greenwich Area Planning Committee members refused two options to allow more coach parking at Greenwich Park's Blackheath Gate including to the east of the gate along Charlton Way.  It was a close run vote on one of the options and it was only the votes of the three Conservative members, including Blackheath Westcombe Ward's, Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson, that saved the day.  Having weighed up all the arguments they backed local residents and amenity groups who objected on the grounds that proposals would involve loss of the Heath, could lead to displacement of car parking to other neighbouring areas at weekends and would be detrimental to the special character and appearance of the area.

Council Officers have been instructed to look at alternatives and report back in 12 months.