Missed Opportunity for John Roan

Times are hard for John Roan School, firstly only 20% of pupils were able to achieve 5 or more A*-C grades (inc English & Maths), this is one of the worst results in the country. Greenwich is also one of the worst boroughs in the country for Education, ranked 10th from bottom out of 150 LEA's, and is at the bottom of the London League table. Labour aren't doing anything to help, the Council has missed a chance to improve sports facilities for the school. John Roan is due to move to a new site on the Peninsula. However this site will not have playing fields attached, and will have to have a playground on the roof, despite the ample space for the school to develop on the new site.

Conservative Councillor Alex Wilson said "This doesn't make any sense, as everyone knows good sporting facilities help improve education for pupils. When I was at John Roan we had to travel for 15 minutes by coach to get to our playing fields. This was a chance to change this situation and its been ignored by a Council which does not care for the future of its young people. Given that we're an Olympic borough this is just crazy. "Education, Education, Education" seems like a distant memory now!"