Taxes up, Services Cut, Debate Closed

At the recent Budget meeting Labour closed the important debate on the Council's Budget before the Conservatives had proposed their alternative budget which would have seen School Crossing patrols maintained, whilst at the same time increasing the number of police on our streets. The Conservatives approach would have been to cut Town Hall bureaucracy but maintain front line services.

This would have been done by dramatically cutting the councils communication department, which is one of the largest in the country. Council officers have verified the Conservative spending plans as a viable and yet Conservatives were prevented from proposing this alternative as Labour don't listen.

At the end of the budget meeting Labour voted though an increase of 3.54% on a Band D house, which is an increase of £43.28 this year. That makes a total of £1,265.84, of which Mayor Livingstone will take £303.87 to spend on his self publicity machine. If your fed up with Labour putting taxes up and not improving services then you can help by getting involved.