Cleansweep and Ingleside Gardens: The Story Continues

You may remember a story from back in August 2006, "Labour's failure with Cleansweep" and "Ingleside Gardens – An Update". After continuing discussions with Cleansweep managers, reminding them of their promise to bring Ingleside Gardens (also know locally as the "triangle") up to an acceptable standard more extensive work would appear to have been carried out. This is six months after the work was requested by your Conservative Councillor Alex Wilson. The most important job which needed doing was to extensively cut down and clean up the overgrowing hedgerows surrounding the small park. This week the work would appear to have started. Ingleside Gardens still needs proper investment to landscape it and make it more attractive to the local residents who use it.

The Labour controlled council believes that six months is an acceptable wait for important work to be carried out. The Conservatives have shown time and again that the Council's Cleansweep service is failing the residents of Greenwich. It is also interesting to note that during the local election campaign in May 2006 the front wall of Ingleside Gardens fell down, within a week it was replaced, how comes work only gets done quickly when Labour know they need your votes, with the next local election in 2010 this is likely to be the last investment in local parks in Blackheath Westcombe for sometime.