Labour’s continuing failure towards Greenwich’s children

The latest GCSE results are now confirmed for the whole of the country and a quick look at the rankings and you’ll see Greenwich is sadly ranked among the very worst.  On the old 5 A* to C passes at GCSE measure, Greenwich is the worst borough in the country. Conservative Councillor Alex Wilson attempted to ask about the school results for Greenwich at the November Council meeting, but was denied the chance to hold the Labour leadership to account as the meeting was closed early (by the Labour Mayor). 

The graph below shows the average GCSE results for pupils attaining five or more GCSE grades A* to C from Greenwich’s schools and also for comparison for each of the boroughs surrounding Greenwich and the national average.  

There are two sad but important failures which need to be highlighted, firstly, that GCSE grades went down in Greenwich, as opposed to going up in all the surrounding boroughs and also nationally. Secondly Greenwich has the lowest GCSE grades in London for the 5 A* to C measure, or the more relevant 5 A* to C passes including English and Maths. This helps to explain why so many local parents try to get their children into schools in surrounding boroughs, rather than let them go to schools in Greenwich.   

Below the graph a table shows the average GCSE results for pupils attaining five or more GCSE grades A* to C from each of Greenwich’s schools so that you can see where your local school features.  

Conservative Leader and teacher Spencer Drury says; “This is an absolute failure on Labour’s part to raise standards in Greenwich’s schools.  During the local elections the Conservatives stood on a platform of setting schools free from Council control, as teachers know more about teaching than Councils do. Labour has continued with their meddling in school’s day-to-day activities and the results are plain to see. I know the children of this borough and their teachers are working just as hard as those elsewhere but the lack of vision and organisation from the Labour Council is holding them back.  We must be clear, children in Greenwich start life at a disadvantage because of the mismanagement of our schools by the Labour Council.”

Local Conservative Councillor Alex Wilson said; “According to the results my local school has got worse not better, I know the local teachers and I know they do their best, but with the interfering from above they can’t get on with their job.”