Labour Mayor Decides to Cancel Full Council Meeting due to apparent “Lack of Business”

Sadly Greenwich is an area of the country in which the schools are failing and health care is also some of the worst in the country. However the Labour Mayor feels that it is not necessary to discuss these problems and because of this he has cancelled the Full Council meeting which was due to take place on September 20th. Both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have demanded that there be a Council Meeting so that there is an opportunity to question the administration of this council so that a better deal for the residents of Greenwich can be reached.

With Council being in recess in August and there being no Full Council Meeting in October due to the budget it will mean that by the next Council Meeting in November there would have been four months without a Council Meeting.

Full Council Meetings are not just opportunities for opposition Councillors to question the administration they are also a chance for the public to question the council. With questions surrounding the Dome and the Casino bid along with other issues this situation is wholly unacceptable as it is a betrayal of our democracy.