John Roan School Results

It's great to see that the school results are up for John Roan School, 55% of A Level students were able to achieve A-C grades, and this is a tribute to the hard work put in by both the teachers and pupils. However this is still one of the lowest of the schools in Greenwich and it is likely that the results could have been much better if proper facilities were in place at the school.

Currently the Maths department is two portable sheds, this can only hamper children's education, and whilst the Labour administration may be announcing the rebuilding of John Roan and other schools in Greenwich the question should be asked as to why this situation was allowed to develop. For a number of years John Roan has not had a fully functional Math department and it will be a number of years before the rebuilding is completed. Whilst this continues the pupils at Greenwich's schools are not getting the education that everyone child deserves.