Conservatives Highlight Massive Increase in Train Crime

There has been a truly alarming rise in violent crime on trains in the past five years. Last month, according to statistics from the British Transport Police, violent offences on trains in England and Wales were up a staggering 43%, with 6,354 violent offences recorded last year.


This is something which affects every one of us who uses the train to get to work or to make the simplest of journeys. And these figures come at a time when so many of London’s local stations are falling into disrepair, targeted by vandals and left unattended.


‘It is completely unacceptable that the government has given the issue such low priority in recent years,’ said the Conservative spokesman on Transport, Chris Grayling. ‘How can we possibly encourage people to make better use of public transport if it is becoming more dangerous to do so?’


Local Conservative team member Peter Whittle echo’s Chris’s concern. ‘During our recent borough-wide survey to find out what’s really been worrying local residents, crime has come at the top of the list again and again,’ says Peter. ‘And that concern extends to the fear many people now have of encountering crime in ordinary public situations, such as travelling on trains. This is something which Conservatives must tackle – Labour just buries its head in the sand.’