Eltham regeneration agency: fact or fiction?

Conservatives this week revealed that the Eltham Regeneration Agency promised by Labour as part of their budget in the spring has still yet to employ a single person.

The Eltham Regeneration Agency was proposed as part of Labour’s budget in February 2009 and should have received £250,000 a year for four years. Currently, not a single person has been employed and Conservatives can locate no evidence that any job has been advertised.

In addition, Eltham Conservatives have established that just before the February Council meeting, a decision was taken to make the Head of the Woolwich Regeneration Agency redundant at a cost to the taxpayer of around £50,000. The job of leading the Woolwich Regeneration Agency and that of leading the Eltham Regeneration Agency appears to be broadly similar.

Leader of Greenwich Conservatives and Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury said “At the time I feared that the creation of an Eltham Regeneration Agency was simply another gimmick to try and buy votes in Eltham rather than a serious attempt to address our problems and reinvigorate our High Street. In fact the situation appears to be much worse.

For no one to have been employed as part of the Eltham Regeneration Agency some 5 months after the funding was agreed reflects a lack of commitment to the idea of improving Eltham. And to make redundant the person in charge of another regeneration agency, who had experience and was already on the Council’s payroll, when he could have been offered the Eltham role, suggests that there was simply no planning behind this scheme and typically for Labour, more taxpayers’ money has been wasted.

Once again Labour are making big promises, but failing to deliver anything which might improve the High Street and quality of living for Eltham’s residents.”