Labour Council closes the Lido for the summer

Conservatives last week revealed that the closure of Charlton Lido to the public for the summer is not to allow vital works (or refurbishment) to take place but because the Labour Council has failed to sign the right paperwork to allow a private firm to take over. According to a notice from Greenwich Council pinned to the gates stating that the Lido will remain closed for the next 18 months.

  Conservative Councillor for Kidbrooke with Hornfair ward (where the lido is situated) Graeme Coombes has established that there are no works currently taking place at the lido and the closure has come occurred as the Council has failed to sign the lease over to Open Waters as yet. In fact the Charlton Lido Swimming Club are still using the facility, it is just the public that are not allowed in it.   The Lido is due a major refurbishment, but Greenwich Council has given virtually no publicity to the closure – just a brief note tucked away deep in the Council website - with the result that many people have turned up expecting to have a swim, not knowing that the Lido is closed. It is understood that Open Waters cannot obtain more funding until the lease has been signed, meaning that no work will even be started until the Council deals with the paperwork.     Cllr Coombes, who is also Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group commented “It is truly astonishing - only Greenwich Council could decide to close an open air swimming pool as schools are also about to break up for the Summer holidays. Our young people, too often denied good sporting facilities in Greenwich, will be denied yet another local facility.   I am afraid that this is another example of the Labour Council hiding its inactivity and incompetence behind press releases and walls – from the outside, it is possible to imagine that work is taking place inside the Lido, however, I have established this is simply not the case.  

Greenwich Conservative welcome the refurbishment of the Lido, but Labour in Greenwich are all talk and no action – they should either open the Lido or start the works, preferably opening the pool for the summer and then starting the works in the autumn. Surely this is just common sense?”

Eltham North Councillor and Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich Spencer Drury said "Graeme is absolutely right about this.  I visit the Lido with my family when it is open and its closure will be a real loss to young people across the borough this summer.  I can't understand why this has happened and I hope that the Council responds to pressure from the Conservatives to sort this situation out within the next week.  Not content with demolishing the Eltham Lido, they have now closed the one which remains - in my opinion, Labour really don't have a clue how to run this borough."