London Bubble Theatre returns to Oxleas Woods

Cllr Spencer Drury writes: “Last night I visited Oxleas Meadow and Woods to watch the Odyssey which had been put on by the London Bubble Theatre Company. It was great to see them back after they missed last year following a funding cut and some question marks over whether they would survive.     I think Oxleas is simply a great setting for the promenade plays that the Bubble Theatre puts on and the Odyssey was particularly suited to this as you felt you were mirroring Odysseus’ journey as you tramped around the woods in the gathering gloom. I loved sitting there looking out across the lights of Eltham as the final scene was played out in the near dark.    I do hope more residents will visit the theatre as I understand it is now focusing its efforts on South East London. I was told there were 300 people there on Saturday night, which must have been an impressive sight. It is great to see our parks used in this way and I hope encourages the Council to make more effort to maintain them.”    In January 2008 Cllr Drury laid a motion before Council supporting the London Bubble Theatre calling on the Arts Council to reconsider its decision to cut funding. The Bubble Theatre can be found at