500 years of Eltham United Charities

On Sunday all three Eltham North Councillors and the Mayor of Greenwich attended the 500th anniversary of the creation of Eltham United Charities.    Eltham United Charities (EUC) provides alms houses for elderly residents of Eltham and residents, trustees and friends gathered for the historic tea at Fifteen Penny Fields, located just behind Eltham High Street off of Blunts Road.   The charity formed when the first land was left in the will of John Passey in 1509, and has grown to now provide separate dwellings for 25 people.   Eltham North Councillor Dermot Poston (as the longest serving trustee) spoke to the gathering and celebrated the great contribution the charity has made over the years to the people of Eltham.    Councillor Spencer Drury, who is also a trustee, stated “There are a couple of spaces in the alms houses at present and I do hope that older Eltham residents who would like to take advantage of this caring environment might enquire about moving in.”    An application to move to the accommodation is available from the Warden, Pam Davis.