Methadone Clinic in Eltham?

May's SEnine magazine ( carried an article about the establishment of a methadone clinic on Well Hall Road near to the station. The plans apparently meant that a 24 hour drug clinic would be created away from the main chemists to allow addicts to get their drugs in private.

Following the publication of the article, Cllr Spencer Drury confirmed this week that this particular application has been withdrawn. It appears however, that this will be a brief respite, for the Planners expect another one to be submitted in the near future.

Eltham North Conservatives understand that the situation is that the two pharmacies on Well Hall Road (which are owned by one family) are planning on drawing them both together into one larger premises at 136 Well Hall Road. The methadone service is currently already supplied by their normal pharmacies, but the plans will separate the methadone supply away to another part of the chemists.

Spencer said “This appears to be an unsatisfactory plan, not least because the idea of establishing a 24 hour drug supply in a residential area is unlikely to improve the quality of life for most residents. I do hope that the applicant modifies the plan sufficiently to ensure that there is not an adverse impact on the area around the new shop.”

Spencer has asked to be informed if and when the new application for establishing a methadone clinic is received and will pass on this information to residents as required.