Extra funding for Eltham High Street announced

Conservatives claim victory over funding allocation.

Conservatives welcomed the news that Greenwich Council had decided to allocate £250,000 per annum to Eltham Town Centre for the next four years.

The decision to allocate the funds was announced at the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee last night (Thursday 13th February) in papers laid round for members. The intention is to create an Eltham regeneration team to match that in the north of the borough.

Eltham North Conservatives Councillor Dermot Poston said “I am really pleased that our long campaign , for Eltham High Street to be treated equally with northern parts of the borough has paid off. The Council has poured millions into Woolwich Town Centre while we in Eltham have received nothing. The Eltham Town Centre Manager had a budget of zero, making it difficult to achieve any substantial improvements in the High Street.

“I hope that these funds will be used to support the retailers on our High Street and to help fill the empty shops and pubs which are far too common.

“It has been a long campaign and I’m pleased that under substantial pressure from the Eltham Conservatives Labour have finally decided to do something about the decline of our High Street, however, this is not the end of the campaign and we will continue to fight for Eltham to be treated fairly”