Lorry problems on Castlewood Drive

Residents of Castlewood Drive recently expressed their concerns to Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury about the number of lorries attempting to negotiate their narrow, steep and winding road. It appears that the lorries travel up Westmount Road to the width restriction by the old Welcome Inn site and then cannot turn round. In order to return to the Rochester Way, the lorries turn up Castlewood Drive, where the fact that there are cars parked on both sides of the road makes it difficult to turn at some of the steeper points.

Spencer said “Resident know all too well the difficulty some lorries have in turning round. I recently saw one lorry where the driver got out of the cab and tried to bounce a parked car out of the way. Each time he tried to reverse the lorry rolled forward, closer and closer to the parked car. Luckily the car’s owner appeared and moved it just in time.”

Spencer has written to the Council and secured a review of the signage around the Rochester Way and Westmount Road junction. In addition, at Spencer’s request Council officers have written to the GPS companies to try and make sure the width restriction is included on their maps.

Spencer said “I am sure lorry drivers are simply following the directions that are dictated by their GPS systems and making sure the width restriction is registered with them will reduce the problems that residents are experiencing.”