Eltham Centre machinery still affecting Blunts Road

Part of the job of a Councillor is to ask questions in full Council of Cabinet members. It is hoped that a question will highlight an issue of importance and find out what the Council is doing to address that issue.

At the October 2008 Council meeting Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury asked another written question about machinery placed on the roof of the Eltham Centre which has been making the lives of residents living on Blunts Road adjacent to the Centre a misery.

The question and answer are laid out below – there was a follow-up question, but this has yet to be typed up from the transcript of the Council meeting.

Question from Councillor Spencer Drury to Councillor Sajid Jawaid

Prior to Christmas 2007, I raised at Council the issue of excessive noise emanating from the machinery placed on the roof of the Eltham Centre and the effect it was having on certain houses in Blunts Road. Over the course of the last year, little progress has been made in reducing the noise and I understand that measurements taken Noise Team suggested that the volume was unreasonable. Given this situation, why has the Noise Team not acted to serve an abatement notice under section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990?


I thank Councillor Drury for his question.

The Council is actively responding to the issues raised by residents, and is working proactively with the contractor to arrive at a solution.

A 24 hour noise assessment was carried out, and as a result works were carried out to resolve the noise issue. Unfortunately these were not successful, and as a result the contractor advised the Council of their proposal to install acoustic louvers to mitigate the sound emission. The support steel works for the louvers was erected early October, and it is ready to receive the panels now expected on 31 October.

These noise mitigation works will then be assessed, and the contractor and consultants involved are hopeful that this will resolve the issue. Notwithstanding the resolution of the noise issue the Council will continue to engage and respond to feedback from residents and the many users of the Centre.

Comment from Cllr Drury

Anyone reading the question and answer will be able to see that Cllr Jawaid did not answer my actual question (and did not do so in the follow-up oral question either).

It is a real concern that the Council has refused to obey laws itself and residents of Blunts Road inform me that they were told quite plainly that the Noise Team would not take their own employers to court however; this is exactly what the law requires them to do.

There is no doubt in my mind that a group of residents have suffered massively this year and at least one is moving away as a result of the excessive noise. I do hope that the problem is resolved by now, but I have my doubts as I have been given dates in the past and guarantees that work will be completed.