Council agrees planning permission for the Coronet

At a Planning Board meeting tonight (Thursday 30th October 2008) Councillors from all parties voted unanimously to give planning permission for the redevelopment of the Coronet Cinema site at Well Hall.

The tone of the meeting was not euphoric, generally reflecting a wish to keep the building as a cinema, but also reflecting a realisation that after eight years of dereliction switching to a greater mix of shops and homes was unavoidable.

The core of the plan is the building of 63 residential units and a restaurant (to be based around the foyer of the old cinema) but also includes some teaching space for Greenwich University, a 60 seater auditorium and redevelopment of neighbouring shops.

Eltham North Councillor Dermot Poston (who is a member of the Planning Board) said at the meeting “People who say this is the last chance for the Coronet may be correct. Emotionally I agree with the people who want to keep it as a cinema, but after years spent worrying about this building I think this is the right plan. It is generally a good design.”

The application was also supported by the Progress Residents’ Association and English Heritage.

Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury, who also attended the meeting said “It is a shame to see the auditorium go, but I think this gives the rest of the building a chance to remain a landmark at the entrance to Eltham. It is regrettable that it has taken 8 years to get this far and I hope the process is now allowed to move forward without central government interference.”