Archery Road residents appeal to GLA member

On Wednesday (23rd July) GLA assembly member Gareth Bacon joined Eltham North ward Councillor Spencer Drury to meet with 31 residents of Archery Road in Eltham to discuss reducing car speeds along their road.

AM Bacon was invited by Cllr Drury as part of an on-going campaign to have speed humps installed in the road which has involved petitions to Greenwich Council, on-site meetings with Council Officers and the Deputy Leader of the Council and letters to the local MP and Assembly Member.

Residents informed the GLA member of the high speeds along the residential road even when cars were parked on both sides re-telling a number of stories of dangerous driving. AM Bacon promised to raise the matter with the Mayor of London, but expressed his disappointment that Greenwich Council had not submitted a bid for speed humps to Transport for London (TfL)

AM Gareth Bacon said “I do not understand Greenwich Council’s refusal to support residents by submitting a bid for traffic calming along Archery Road. Residents clearly want speed restrictions and with a primary school, the Eltham Centre and the station all adjacent to the road there must surely be an argument for the speed humps. The Labour Council is clearly failing the residents of Archery Road.”

Archery Road resident and campaign co-ordinator Bob Gillespie said “We’re really pleased that Gareth could come and speak with residents. We have invited both our MP and local Assembly Member but neither has found the time to visit yet. Even according to the Council’s survey, thousands of cars are speeding down this road each year – something has to be done before there is a serious accident.”