Conservatives fight for local Post Office

At the March Council meeting Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury presented a petition signed by over 650 people opposing the closure of the Sub Post Office at 263 Eltham High Street.

At the Council meeting Spencer also asked the Labour Deputy Leader if the Council had considered the scheme proposed by Essex County Council to help keep Post Offices open, but while the Council had previously spoken to the Post Office with regard to the Crown Post Office in Woolwich, there had been no discussions with regard to Eltham.

In addition, Spencer has written to the Post Office (enclosing the petition) to object to the closure suggesting that the parade of shops needs the Post Office open if it is to remain economically viable and that the Post Office is an important part of the community. Spencer also suggested that the business case for closure could be faulty if it considered the period immediately prior to Christmas as many people using the Eltham Centre now park in the roads around the Post Office making access more difficult and this may change after the temporary traffic order is reviewed in a few months time.

The presentation of the petition follows Conservative support for a Labour motion which expressed ‘profound regret’ at the Post Office’s decision to close five Post Offices in Greenwich borough.

Spencer said “I do hope that the objections of so many in the local community are listened to as the Post Office is essential to the continued survival of this section of Eltham High Street. Apart from providing essential services, especially for the elderly, the Post Office draws customers to a parade where too many shops are already empty.”

“I was very concerned during the Council meeting to hear that the Council have yet to formally respond to the Post Office consultation which closes next Wednesday. In theory there is a clear procedure for the Council to submit a response which it cannot now undertake. If there is no response, the Council has let down the people of Greenwich as the Post Office will assume that it does not care about the proposed closures.”

“When you consider that our local MP Clive Efford chose not to support a Conservative motion in Parliament to stop the Post Office closures, as 19 other Labour MPs did, I do question whether the Labour Party is really committed to defending our Post Offices.”