Archery Road petitions reported back to Council

Council agrees to further traffic survey but rejects speed humps   At February’s full Council meeting reports were received on petitions presented by Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury on behalf of residents of Archery Road. The two petitions requested a width restriction at the end of Glenlea Road (to prevent lorries and coaches using the road as a cut through) and humps along the road (to reduce the speed traffic was travelling at).   Initial conclusions were formed by the Council using a September/October 2006 traffic survey, which was described as ‘classified’. The survey suggested around 3.5% of vehicles were large vans and a further 40 were larger vehicles but it was not possible to establish how large these were. In addition, the traffic survey suggested that 85% of vehicles were travelling at less than 27.5mph.    The response to the request for a width restriction was slightly more positive with the Council agreeing to undertake a visual survey to check the types of coaches and lorries using the road. There was also a suggestion that delivery vehicles should not be using Archery Road to get to the High Street.   The second petition, requesting speed humps, was rejected, on the grounds that there had only been three personal injury accidents in the area between 2001 and 2006.    Councillor Spencer Drury addressed the Council regarding the petition, stating that residents were united in their wish for speed humps and their view, together with that of the school crossing patrol man and staff at the local school should carry substantial weight. He requested that the Council repeat the traffic survey at the mid-point of the road and suggested that the last paragraph of the report, stating “no further action be taken…until such time as the area has been identified for attention within the Council’s Road Safety Plan.” Meant there would have to be accidents before the Council did anything.   Following the acceptance of the petition, Deputy Leader of the Council Peter Brooks undertook to visit Archery Road to see the problems first hand.   Spencer said “I am very sorry that the Council has chosen to ignore the requests of residents as I fear there will be accidents along Archery Road. I hope that Cllr Brooks visit will lead to a change of heart.”